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Welcome! This is the official website of Apologia Research Center (Apológia Kutatóközpont), the Hungarian branch of The Centers For Apologetics Research (CFAR). CFAR is an international, interdenominational, evangelical discernment ministry, specialized for mission apologetics, a member of Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR). Apológia is also a member of the Hungarian Evangelical Alliance (Aliansz).

For further information contact

  • dr. Andras Szalai, director (CFAR Hungary) 
  • Apologia, PO Box 22. Budapest, 1576. Hungary, EU
  • info at apologia dot hu

Our publications in English

You can order our books from our partner ministry: Harmat Publishing House (search by author, type in: "Szalai"). 

Some of our articles are available in English too (coming soon):

  • Sharing the Gospel with those who have their own
  • Religious Relativism and Syncretism
  • Martial Arts, Combat Sports and Self-Defense

Apologetics literature in Hungarian 

The information below can be helpful for those who serve in Hungary or Hungarian-speaking individuals or communities and want to know what kind of apologetics literature is available for those who cannot read English.

Important books:

Tracts, pamphlets:

  • Rose Publishing pamphlets about The Dead-Sea Scrolls, The Da Vinci Code, Christianity Cults and Religions, Christianity and the Occult, The Trinity, Worldviews etc. (order from the Hungarian publisher)
  • Institute for Religious Research tracts about Jehovah's Witnesses and Latter-day Saints (you can order from us too, but limited amount only).